Peru & Bolivia Discovered Motorcycle Tour

This unique motorcycle tour has been designed for those with a love of two wheels, covering every terrain the journey will test your riding skills but reward you with spectacular scenery.

The price of your tour as described in the itinerary is £4,500.00 per person based on 8 people with each two people sharing a twin bed room. The price includes everything as described in the itinerary. NOT INCLUDING INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS

From the Inca capital of Cuzco ride into the Sacred Valley, visit the wonder of Machu Picchu before continuing the amazing ride into the Amazon Rainforest. Returning to Cuzco visiting Maras and Moray before taking the journey crossing the Altiplano to the great Lake Titicaca. The adventure ends in Peru but as you transfer to Bolivia another begins, from La Paz fly to Uyuni to visit the world’s largest Salt Lake, so large this is a two-day unique motorbike tour. Returning to La Paz you take your final amazing ride as you take the famous death road crossing the Andes.

Tour Itinerary


Day 1: Arrive into Lima

You will be met on your arrival at Lima Airport, by your driver, who will transfer you in private to your Lima hotel, the comfortable Faraona Grand Hotel, ideally situated in the pleasant district of Miraflores. You will be able to settle in and have a short briefing from your Tour Controller who will be waiting to meet you at the hotel. You will be given a local mobile telephone to use during your tour with all the contacts of each local guide, this is handed back at the end of your tour. He will be happy to escort you to the main park area, where you can change money and then enjoy a restaurant if time permits. No meals provided


Day 2: Flight to Cuzco

Today you have time to enjoy breakfast and e4xplore a little before you are met for your private transfer to the airport for your flight to the Inca capital of Cuzco. On arrival into Cusco you will be met by your local guide who will transfer you to the comfortable Midori Hotel for check in. Once you have settled in you will have a short briefing before enjoying the rest of the day at leisure to explore the Inca Capital. Meals: Breakfast


Day 3: Free day Cusco

Today you are free to further explore the ancient city of Cusco, this is essential; to allow you to acclimatise to the altitude. Declared a UNESCO world heritage in 1983 the city boasts an ancient network of catacombs to explore, a great many varied historical and cultural sites of interest and many of the buildings that stand there today are built on foundations laid by the Incas. You also have the motorcycle guide meet you to take you to the motorcycles so you can prepare for the riding ahead.  You will have chance to buy anything you may need and learn of the big adventure to come.  Your evening is free to explore the city with its many restaurants and bars. Meals: Breakfast


Day 4: Sacred Valley Tour

Today you collect your motorcycles and start your tour of the Sacred Valley, on the way you will visit Sacsayhuaman, one of the best existing examples of Inca stonework, with spectacular views of Cuzco below and far-away snowy peaks. From here we will travel to a variety of sites on the way into the valley, including Qenko, Puca Pucara and Tambo Machay, before arriving at the small, picturesque village of Pisac. This is the gateway to the Sacred Valley and home of the famous daily Pisac craft market; here you have an opportunity to view the many artisans’ wares on display including textiles, jewellery and ceramics. Because your tour is in private, there will be ample opportunity to stop to take photographs along the way and to enjoy a leisurely lunch in a local eatery (lunch not included), as recommended by your guide. Arriving into Ollantaytambo, you will take in the spectacular ruins of the fortress with your guide. After your tour you will be transferred to the nearby Samanapaq Hotel for check in. You will then have the rest of the evening free to enjoy your stunning surroundings. Meals: Breakfast


Day 5: Train to Aguas Calientes Inca Rail Executive 11:15 – 12:41

Today you will have a relaxed start to the day as you enjoy breakfast at your hotel. You will then have some free time ahead of your transfer to the train station in Ollantaytambo to meet your departure to Aguas Calientes. The train will take you out of the Sacred Valley and into the mountains offering spectacular views of the countryside. On arrival into Aguas Calientes you will be met by a representative of your hotel who will assist you and escort you to the very comfortable Taypikala Machu Picchu Hotel for check in.  Once you have checked in you will have the rest of the day free to relax and explore the interesting town of Aguas Calientes Please note you can only carry hand luggage on trains, your main luggage is kept in safe storage at your hotel for your return to the Sacred Valley so pack an overnight bag.   Meals: Breakfast


Day 6: Machu Picchu & Return to Ollantaytambo

This is an ideal opportunity to take the first transport up to the ruined city of Machu Picchu giving you the chance to witness the spectacular sight of the citadel appearing like magic through the early morning cloud.  In order to maximise your enjoyment from your visit, we provide the services of a professional local guide who will reveal some of the mysteries that surround this fascinating place.  After your guided tour you will return to Aguas Calientes where you will transfer to the train station to take the return train journey to Ollantaytambo. Upon arrival at Ollantaytambo station you will transfer back to the Samanapaq Hotel for check in. You will then have the rest of the evening free to enjoy your stunning surroundings. Meals: Breakfast


Day 7: PISAC - PAUCARTAMBO - MANU CLOUD FOREST (175 km. 60% on dirt road)

After breakfast we begin our last motorcycle trip going up the mountains arriving to Paucartambo, a picturesque Spanish colonial town. On the way we will visit the Chullpas of Ninamarca (Pre-Inca Tombs). We continue uphill to the place Known as Acjanacu (3550 m.a.s.l) which is the entrance to the Manu National Park, here, a thick cloak of clouds provides perpetual humidity, This varied and fascinating world is home of the Cock of the Rock (Peru’s national bird), Spectacled Bear, Orchids, Tree Ferns (one of the oldest living plants), mosses and lichens. Along the way we will see amazing landscapes that combines different ecological levels. From Acjanaco we will begin our descent to San Pedro where our lodge is located. Once checked in you can relax in paradise after what will have been an amazing experience. Meals: Breakfast, Dinner


Day 8: Cock of the Rock

After a good breakfast you have time to enjoy this amazing place, at the appropriate time your guide will take you to visit the area where it is possible to observe the Cock of the Rock (Peru’s national bird),  The male birds are a vibrant reddish orange, several dozen come together for an exhibition of a ritual mating dance. After that, we will go back to the lodge to prepare for our ride back to Ollantaytambo with some exciting dirt roads to tackle.  Arriving back to the Samanapaq Hotel you will once again check-in and enjoy the evening to relax from your Amazon experience. Meals: Breakfast


Day 9: Tour of Maras and Moray

After breakfast you will have the morning free to relax before you are met by your Guide to saddle up and leave the Sacred Valley for your ultimate ride. The start of your tour to the Inca sites of Maras and Moray sees you leaving the town heading up and out of the valley turning off the main road to the ancient salt mines at Maras. Upon arrival to the site of Maras your guide will give you an informative tour of the site highlighting the methods the ancient Incas used to harvest the salt.  From here it is a short ride to the ancient Incan site of Moray near the town of Chinchero. The circles of Moray, constructed on stone in descending circles in a volcano crater, uniformly constructed 150 metres deep, which were used to adapt crops to the new ecosystems of the Andes. This place also has amazing an irrigation system, including a filtration system to avoid overflows and damage to crops. Also in the deepest circle, many ceremonies of the earth (Pacha Mama) took place, making this a spiritual as well as an agricultural site. After touring Moray you will return to your motorcycle for the last leg of the tour, the journey back to Cusco where we have some amazing last off road adventures. On arrival into Cusco in the late afternoon you arrive to the office where you hand back your bikes and any equipment.  You will then transfer to the Midori Hotel for check-in leaving the evening free to relax in the many restaurants and bars the city has to offer. Meals: Breakfast


Day 10: Road to Puno

Today is a full day’s ride crossing the Altiplano through beautiful scenery to Puno set on the Great Lake Titicaca. This is an 8 hour ride mainly on tarmac roads through changing landscapes until you pass over the last mountain with the Great Lake Titicaca set out below.  Here in the town of Puno you arrive early evening to check into the comfortable Casa Andina Premium hotel. Once you have checked in, your local guide will give you a short briefing on the days ahead before leaving you to rest.  In the evening you will be collected from the hotel and transferred to the restaurant in Puno town for a group dinner where you can say farewell to your guide until you meet again in Cuzco. Meals: Breakfast, Dinner (Lunch local payment)


Day 11: Lake Titicaca full day tour no riding

After breakfast today, you will be met by your guide who will transfer you to the harbour in Puno where you will board a shared service vessel and head out on to the Great Lake Titicaca. The first port of call will be the incredible floating islands of the Uros; here you will see the way these people live on these most unusual islands. From here you continue onto the Island of Taquile where your guide will escort you around explaining all about the way of life for these people. Their lifestyle has remained the same for hundreds of years with very little influence from modern times, thus preserving many traditions, laws and customs. Skilled crafts are still very important to the inhabitants of Taquile, and the island is famous for its handmade textiles which are regarded amongst the highest-quality handicrafts available. For this reason you will find that they are higher in price in comparison with other mass-produced handicrafts readily found in other parts of Peru. After exploring you will then have the opportunity to have lunch before re-joining your boat for the return journey back to Puno. You will have the rest of the evening free to relax in your comfortable lodgings. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch


Day 12: Tourist coach to La Paz

Today you will take an early breakfast at your hotel before you are collected by your guide and transferred in private to the coach station to meet your tourist class coach to La Paz. This is the direct bus heading to La Paz via Desaguadero (Border Crossing) which will see you arrive into La Paz in the afternoon. On arrival into La Paz you will be met by your local guide who will transfer you in private to the comfortable Ritz Suites hotel. Once you have settled in your guide will give you a briefing on the days ahead. After the briefing you will have the rest of the day free at leisure. Meals: Breakfast


Day 13: Flight to Uyuni tour Salt Lake OB 302, 08:40am

Today you will have a very early start to take your flight to Uyuni, you can leave your main luggage at the hotel as you will be returning to the same hotel. You will be transferred to the airport for your short flight to Uyuni, on arrival you will be met by your motorcycle guide and transferred to the main office, a short 5 min drive. Here we sort you out with bikes and equipment while you familiarise yourself to your machine. The day starts with a 20km ride on a twisty ashfelt road to the historic mining town of Pulacayo where we stop to take a short tour of this historic place. Then riding back down into Uyuni and off to the famous Train Cemetery, 5km ride out of town.  This train graveyard is filled with railway history with all sorts of rolling stock left in this final resting place. We return to Uyuni to take lunch at the Negro de Sal restaurant. One of the better places to eat. After lunch we take some of the small dirt tracks across the marsh to Colchani, the main entrance to the Salar. We take the causeway out on to the Salar and ride to the Dakar monument made of salt.  We now ride 80km across the Great Salt Lake, away from the tourist, to the Volcano Tunapa on the far side. Here at the edge where water collects you can find Flamingos and llamas grassing. A great place for photos and to take it all in after an amazing ride across the world’s largest salt lake.  From here we ride on sandy roads to Jirira, a small village on the edge of the Salar where we spend the night at the Hostal Dona Lupa. A friendly family run place where you will enjoy great food, good beds and hot showers. Shared twin rooms with private bathroom. After dinner it’s possible to take a short walk to the edge of the Salar to see the stars. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Day 14: Mummies and island Incahuasi

After a good breakfast we will ride along the edge of the Salar to a small village called Coquesa. Here we buy our entry tickets to see the 1000 year old Mommies, it’s a ride of 2km up the volcano to the cave where they lie. This is a tricky dirt road with sand and rocks so you take your time.  The views from up here are amazing and your reward for the more demanding ride. After seeing the mommies and learning about their history, we ride back down and head to the museum in Chantani. After some time at the museum we head back out onto the Salar and to the islands where nobody else goes, so away from tourist. This is a beautiful place where we can see salt being mined and learn how people live with this way of life. Then its 50km to the centre island of Incahuasi. Here we take our lunch in Mongos restaurant, the best quinoa soup and llama steak you have ever tasted. After lunch we tour the island then back on the bikes for 70km, exiting the Salar and going to the salt hotel, Hotel Luna Salada. This is the famous salt hotel, a beautiful place recognised as one of the world’s most unique hotels. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Day 15: Fly back to La Paz early flight at 08.20

It’s an early start as you need ride to the airport for your return flight to La Paz, you had back your bikes and check-in for your flight saying farewell to your amazing guide.  On arrival into La Paz you will be met by your local guide who will transfer you in private to the comfortable Ritz Suites hotel once again. The rest of the day is free to relax and explore the city, you also have time to prepare for your next day’s big adventure. Meals: Breakfast


Day 16: Death Road Bolivia

At 08:30 a.m. our taxi will collect you from your hotel and take you to our office where you will get your riding gear and most important, your motorcycle. Starting the ride, first we have to cross part of the city with its traffic, then we’ll head to ‘La Cumbre’ high mountain pass. From there the road takes us down, down and down, first paved and the last 40 Km as a narrow dirt track known as ‘Death Road’. We follow it along high vertical walls of rocks at one side and deep abysms at the other, a lot of crosses, silent witnesses of former fatal accidents, line the road reminding us to be careful. Still now, although most of the current traffic to and from the Amazon lowlands rolls over a new wide paved highway, this track keeps it singular dangers. Here, at the edges of the old so dangerous road, constructed in the early 30th of the last century in part by forced Paraguayan war prisoners (Chaco War 1932-1935) the sensation of being pulled down is present. Especially when fog is dense, all that souls of thousands of accident victims over the decades seem to be observing you. Driving down the winding, curvy we’ll get showered by some small waterfalls, coming out of the upper overhanging rock formations hitting the road surface. Season depending, air is becoming warmer turning into hot on arrival at the small village of Yolosa, with only 1.100m the lowest point of the tour. From this place we return to La Paz over the new paved road, riding up and up, also through some tunnels, into the cold at ‘La Cumbre’ again. On a normal day we’ll be back at our office place in the later afternoon between 5 and 6 p.m.  During the trip there will be several stops for photo shootings or just let the amazing panorama of the Andean Mountain landscapes impress you. There will be a moment to have lunch, too which is a local payment.  Returning to the Ritz Suites hotel you have the evening free to recover from one of the most spectacular rides on earth. Meals: Breakfast


Day 17: Private transfer to Juliaca Airport Flight to Lima 13.00 – 16.05

Today you will have an early departure as you are collected (05.30) by your driver and transferred in private to the border crossing into Peru, after passing through the border you will continue to Juliaca airport to meet your short flight to Lima. On arrival you will be met by your driver who will transfer you in private to the Faraona Grand Hotel. You will then have the rest of the day free to relax and enjoy the city of Lima. Meals: Breakfast


Day 18: International Departure

Today you will have time to enjoy the city before you are collected from your hotel and transferred in private to the airport to meet your international departure. Your driver will ensure you arrive with plenty of time to check in and will wave goodbye as you enter the terminal. Meals: Breakfast

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