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Important Travel Information

The Peruvian Secrets have complied a list of Information that we hope will clarify certain aspects of your travel to Peru and our other South American destinations.


For someone who has not experienced altitude before the effects it have can vary. There are no set rules as to what height you will be affected. In most cases the symptoms are mild and include fatigue, shortness of breath, slight nausea and headache. The best prevention is to adjust slowly and take rest, it is for this reason we restrict activities to short trips to the various sites for the first few days. Should you experience any serious problems we will make arrangements to have you transported to a lower altitude.

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Due to the flexibility of the service we offer, it is very difficult for us to describe in any great detail the large amount of hotels and accommodation we have on offer. For this reason we will be sending details of all the hotels and accommodation to be used during your unique tour incorporated in your itinerary. All the hotels and accommodation we use provide varying levels of comfort and service to suit your needs and budget.

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We offer all year round trips which enables us to offer not just a wide range of destinations but a wider range of experiences. Peru has a split climate in two aspects, firstly seasonal and secondly geographical. The seasonal changes occur from early May as the Andean dry season starts. However this is winter in the southern hemisphere. This runs through to October when the season changes to the wet season (summer in the southern hemisphere). The changes in geography from the desert coast to the high Andes down into the Amazon basin have a reversal effect by where the dry season in the highlands is called the Andean summer. The clear skies from May to October can make the days very warm but when the sun sets the temperature can fall rapidly to a cold night. The wet season can make travelling in the Andes more difficult but the rewards can be greater.

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You will be remarkably surprised to find that the food in Peru is very similar to food you find at home. Most restaurants offer a wide range of dishes in their menus. Peru is home of the potato and has a wide selection of different varieties that make up part of their staple diet along with rice and many meat dishes. As you travel from district to district from the coastal deserts to the sierra highlands down to the Amazon Basin you will have the chance to sample the delights of the different cuisine.

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International flights are not included in the holiday price as some of our clients wish to join us from other countries as an add on to an existing holiday. We would be happy to supply you with your ticket but only on flights taken in conjunction with our tours. All internal flights whilst on tour are included in your Total flight price and all tickets will be supplied to you before your date of travel. As member of theTTA all flights are fully protected giving you total peace of mind.

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Most visitors to South American encounter no problems with their health, some however may suffer at some point with a stomach upset. We recommend you bring a small medical kit, the contents of which will be discussed with you during your tour planning as your needs will vary from region to region. Altitude sickness is the most common ailment in the high regions and can range from mild discomfort to a more serious problem requiring the person to descend down to a lower altitude. The most serious illnesses to be aware of are yellow fever and malaria which are active in some areas. Peruvian Secrets maintains an up date of the areas at risk and will notify you of the extent. Anti malarial precautions are a personal decision and one you should discuss with your doctor. We strongly recommend you consult a doctor before making your booking.

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Physical Fitness

Our tours are open to people with various levels of physical ability which we hope to match to your itinerary. We request when you fill out your questionnaire you try to be as accurate as possible about your overall fitness and inform us as to any condition that could be affected whilst on tour. You can assist yourself and add to your enjoyment by preparing for your trip in advance with some exercise, for example taking walks or partaking in your favourite sport such as swimming or golf which involves walking.


We offer total flexibility in our pricing so you can have the holiday you want. The price of any tour contains many variables including level of accommodation, transportation, destination, high season and low season and of course length of tour. For this reason we work as closely as possible to your budget and ideas producing a selection of suggested itineraries for you to choose the one that fits.

As a guide prices start as follows:-

10 day - £1,199
14 days - £1,599
21 days - £1,899

We wish to point out that Peruvian Secrets endeavors to keep the cost as low as possible and feel that your enjoyment and safety are above profits.

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As with any country in the world Peru does have crime, however, with common sense and a little help from
us your tour should be trouble free. Most reported crimes against tourists are theft of property and muggings. These are mainly directed at lone tourists in known areas or budget hotels. In the past Peru has had bad press in the media and tourists have been concerned about terrorism. The political situation is at present very stable and has been for sometime.
The terrorist activity has now ceased and was never really directed at tourism anyway.

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During your tour with Peruvian Secrets you will experience many different forms of transport and through our unique self build itineraries you will have the opportunity of deciding for yourself the level of comfort and journey times to be taken. Peru can be a difficult country to travel around and we will advise you as to any difficulties that may be encountered such as climate or route safety. Peruvian Secrets offers some remarkable destinations and a large part of your tour is the travelling to and from these places. You will be given different itineraries to assist you in your choice of transport to suit your ideals.

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Visitors are always concerned about the water when outside of the U.K. and for good reason. The problem is not so much that the water is perfect in this country and their's is bad but rather the natural contents are different and your body is not familiar creating adjustment problems for the digestive system. The time covered by your visit is not normally enough to allow you to accept the changes but with a little care you should have a trouble free visit. We recommend you use the commonly available bottled water which is safe throughout Peru. Bottled water should be used for everything including brushing your teeth to clean as lemon juice. Hot drinks are deemed to de safe but at high altitude the boiling point of water is reduced which lessons the chance of all bacteria being killed. Your guide will be on hand to offer any advice should you have any doubts.

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Fully bonded with the Travel Trust Association (No: R8362) for your peace of mind