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Peru is open for business as it rapidly becomes one of South America’s major trading partners. Whether you are travelling for corporate business or just as an exploratory view of a market, Peruvian Secrets can help you every step of the way as a travel Lima Peru specialist.

To make your trip a successful and a comfortable experience, we hope to enable you to do business at its best and get to see more of the country you are working with. As a travel Lima Peru specialist we know a part of any business arrangement is learning more of the people and culture you will be working with, our expert team of people you will meet all have a passion for their country and the warm welcome you will receive.  Knowing everything is taken care of leaves you free to maximise your opportunities and get down to business.

There is so much that goes into planning your business trip to Lima Peru, getting the right visa in order to do business is the first step, we can offer advice but you will be required to apply to the Peruvian Embassy, in London. We do not provide international flights; this is due to many of our clients have their own preferences and are happy to book those separately. We take care of everything from the moment you land, your driver and car will be waiting to take you to your ideally located and high standard hotel.  We provide a representative who will be waiting for you at the hotel, they will welcome you to Lima and go through any plans you have ahead.  You will be able to communicate with them at any point during your stay if you need a restaurant or extra taxi they can help.  We provide reliable English-speaking drivers in quality vehicles to get you to your meeting on time, when you see Lima traffic you will know just how important this is.

For those who need visit more than just Lima we can provide domestic flights and the same high-level service in any destination. No matter what your plans, talk to us, and explore what we can offer all at the best prices to do successful business 

During you down time you may wish to be escorted by one of our local guides to explore Lima or go further afield, what ever you wish to do we can provide you with the very best in personal service.


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