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Cruising the Amazon

Some of the most diverse and pristine areas of the Amazon basin lie in Peru, and this cruise journeys to remote areas unreachable by land. Enjoy the remarkable experience of being surrounded by the sights, sounds and smells of the untouched jungle cruise boat trip peru

This seven day Amazon tour combines both the down river and up river cruises described below. For round trip passengers, in Leticia and Tabatinga, a brief tour of the local zoo and city tour is included.

Day 1

Transfer from airport/hotel to the dock. Board the M/V Rio Amazonas. Orientation and cabin assignment will be completed by the Head Guide. Lunch at 1 pm. While sailing down the Amazon River you will be able to see the varied and beautiful landscapes and skies of this great river. There will be an afternoon stop at Yanamono to visit sugarcane rum still and sample the various drinks and the molasses, made here. The Rio Amazonas will continue sailing down river. During dinner the guide will tell you of the next day's activities. Enjoy the stunning display of stars from the upper observation deck or relax in the bar/lounge and get to know your travelling companions.

Day 2

Early wake up call with time for a cup of coffee or tea before setting out in one of the excursion boats for a bird watching trip on the Ampiyacu River. Your guide will point out a wide variety of colourful birds and tell you of their habits. Return to ship for breakfast, and then go ashore to visit a Bora/Huitoto Indian village and see how these people live. Enter their Maloka (community house) and see them in native costume and view their traditional dances. Even though they no longer wear these outfits made from jungle products, your visit helps keep these traditions alive. You will also have the opportunity to see and buy or trade for their handicrafts that include some beautiful paintings of jungle scenes done on tree-bark cloth as well as jewellery, woven bags, and hammocks. Return to ship and there will be a brief cruise down to the small town of Pevas , the oldest European settlement on the Peruvian Amazon. Visit the studio/gallery of a well known Peruvian painter. After lunch there will be a jungle walk at the Shishita River where your guide will describe and explain many of the trees and plants used by the local people. This is a great opportunity to see some rain forest wildlife up close. Back on board the ship for dinner and a talk on one of many varied subjects by your guide. Depending on weather, you may take an excursion by small boat to look for caiman and listen to the sounds of the rain forest.

Day 3

Morning jungle walk to visit the small village of Paranaquiro and see how the local people live in harmony with the rain forest. After this you may participate in or just join and watch a piranha fishing expedition by small boat to a scenic black-water lake. After lunch on board a stop to visit and walk around the town of Caballo Cocha which is located on the lake of the same name. After dinner takes an excursion by boat to spot caiman and listen to the sounds of the rainforest, it is often possible see some of the wildlife that only comes out at night.

Day 4

Early morning arrival at Santa Rosa Island, Peru, where the borders of Peru/Colombia/Brazil meet. Cross the river by small boat to visit the towns of Leticia, Colombia and Tabatinga, Brazil. Leticia is a very colourful town with many shops selling souvenirs and Colombian emeralds.
Leticia/Tabatinga to Iquitos, ship departs up river at 2 pm

Sail upriver. Orientation for new passengers and cabin assignments. Time permitting there will be an afternoon or evening shore excursion by small boat. After dinner the Head Guide will explain the next day's activities. Time to relax and get to know your fellow passengers.

Day 5

Early morning bird watching trip followed by a jungle walk near the village of Chimbote. Our guides have a comprehensive knowledge of the birds of the area and will also explain to you the many uses of plants by the local people. Late morning visit the small missionary town of San Pablo. Optional visit to the Leper hospital run by French-Canadian nuns and see the handicrafts made by these people. After dinner take a night excursion on the Peruate River to look for caiman and night animals.

Day 6

Morning visit to a village of the Yagua Indians to see their native dress, traditional dances and handicrafts. Even though they no longer wear these outfits made from jungle products, your visit helps keep these traditions alive. This is a great opportunity to buy or trade for these items such as natural dye paintings, jewellery, woven bags and hammocks. Later, visit the studio/gallery of a well known Peruvian painter. Passengers will then return to the ship for lunch and siesta. In the late afternoon there will be a shore excursion on the black-water Apayacu River to see the flora and fauna of the area and possibly, time and weather permitting, a piranha fishing excursion.

Day 7

Early morning arrival back in Iquitos (08:00am) in time for transfers * to airport or hotel.


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