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Exciting Adventure in Peru, giving exhilarating experience's in beautiful Peru. Our activities can easily be included as part of your tour.

Welcome to our adventure in Peru page, here you can find information regarding a wide range of adventure activities within Peru. These can all be included within an itinerary or can be booked as a standalone activity. Prices upon application as we strive to get you the best price possible but we can only do so with all the information we require. For the real adventure in Peru.

Sports Fishing

The Amazon has some of the best fishing in the world set in spectacular natural scenery. The waters of the Tambopata River offer a variety of fish such as Payara, Pacu (Giant Piranha), Catfish, Zungaros, Piros and Surubim.

We offer specially designed fishing trips for our clients, whether you want to spend an afternoon fishing the Amazon river or if you want to spend a week living and fishing in the Amazon jungle we have the itinerary for you. With professional guides providing everything you need to make that dream catch why not enquire today? For the real adventure in Peru.

Dune Adrenaline, Adventure in Peru

Join us for an unforgettable new experience! This activity can be included as part of your tour to Pisco and the Paracas Peninsula.

The Paracas reserve is a stunning area where the desert meets the sea, here you can take part in dune buggy and sand boarding days. With a wide range of activities from Paracas, Ica & Huacachina enquire today to see what awaits you in the desert.

Our expert driver will pick you up at the hotel door and as we make our way out to the nearby desert you will witness some spectacular scenery whilst driving in amongst the sand dunes, up and down slopes at up to 60 metres high with an inclination of up to 60 degrees!

Sand boards are also provided as part of this excursion and this exciting new activity can be great fun.You can also arrange to have extended lessons on the dunes or simply enjoy yourselves by getting out there and testing your own ability.

Mountain Biking, Adventure in Peru

We offer a range of mountain biking excursions from Cusco, cycling along the mountain roads in the sacred valley is an exhilarating way to see some of Peru’s most beautiful sights.

With many options available from half day excursions to full four day biking tours we can offer the suitable biking trip for you.

Contact one of our expert advisers to build a mountain biking tour of perfection.


Hang Gliding & Paragliding

This sport is now becoming increasingly popular in Peru; the reason for this becomes obvious when you consider the immensity of the landscapes. For the novice the coastal cliffs offer the easiest thermals and slowly you can make your way up into the Andes gaining experience of different altitudes.

Paragliding in PeruThere is a thriving Paragliding scene throughout Peru, with tandem flights on offer from the cliffs of Lima to the Andes mountains our specially selected operators can give you the true bird’s eye view of this amazing country.

For the more experienced and adventurous nothing can really compare the thrill of flying at over 6,000 metres in front of the glaciers of Huascaran. One of the greatest areas opening up in Peru is the Sacred Valley of Cusco. The area has excellent launch sites, thermals and reasonable landing sites. Adding to the thrill of flying over this beautiful valley is the aerial view of the impressive Inca ruins or perhaps you would like to fly over the deepest canyon in the world, the Colca Canyon, with the chance of flying with the famous Peruvian condor. For the real adventure in Peru.

Trekking / The Inca Trail

Peruvian Secrets are delighted to announce that we now offer a full program of trekking and hiking excusions in Peru.

Discover the world famous Inca Trail or explore deep into Amazon Jungle. Enjoy Peru to its fullest with a Trekking holiday from Peruvian Secrets. For the real adventure in Peru.

Please see our dedicated Trekking page for more information about Trekking in Peru and the Inca Trail availability.


Kayaking & Rafting, Adventure in Peru

Peruvian Secrets also offers kayaking for the complete novice or the expert. We can offer you the chance of three-day courses for the novice with all equipment or a more serious orientated adventure.

White Water Rafting in PeruWhether you’ve tried rafting before or not, nothing can quite prepare you for the adrenaline rush as you travel down river tackling some of the world’s finest white water. Peru has some of the best rivers in the world for you to choose from, notably, some of them are in the world’s top ten white waters. Rafting is not just an incredible adrenaline rush but it’s the access it provides to areas that are only accessible by river.

From desert canyons to impenetrable jungle gauges that will open up a rare view of the wildlife that lives on the banks of the river to incredible rock formations eroded by the power of the river. Peru has the world’s deepest canyon, the source of the world’s greatest river. Whether you are a novice or a world champion Peru has probably the widest range of experiences in the world.Peruvian Secrets offers you the perfect opportunity to leave behind the gringo trail and experience for yourself what wild Peru has to offer. For the real adventure in Peru.

Horse Riding

We can offer a wide range of horse riding activities throughout Peru but we find that most people prefer to take a full day tour of the sacred valley on horseback.

Taken with a experienced guide and wrangler this tour will take you to some of the iconic sites in the sacred valley as well as some of the more “off the beaten track” locations. For the real adventure in Peru.



Peru is one of the world’s internationally renowned surfing destination, throughout the year, plenty of action can be found on the waves, point break left and right reef break and waves of up to six metres can all be found during the seasons.

The biggest of these waves is at Pico Alto and the best month is May and the largest break is over 800 metres near Trujillo with over 30 of the top beaches to choose from and many international competition, Peru has to be one of the world’s hottest surfing destinations. For the real adventure in Peru.