About - Peruvian Secrets

About Peruvian Secrets, Founded in 2000 by Company Director, Paul Goddard and his wife Jane to offer the best holiday and tour of Peru. We aim to offer you the chance to discover your own Peruvian Secrets. Peruvian Secrets specialise in bespoke travel to the lesser known Northern Peru, for those who have previously visited Peru this is an ideal opportunity to return and discover some of the best kept secrets of Peru. We also provide the same high level of services in Bolivia, Ecuador and Galapagos Islands often within a combined extended tour.

Share the Wonderful Experience

Having travelled extensively during the 1980’s and 1990’s, the couple eventually fell in love with Peru and lived there for several years during the latter part of the 1990s. On returning to the UK to start a family, they missed Peru and its people so much that they decided to set up a holiday company, enabling them to share the wonderful experiences they had had. Having lived in Peru, Paul (pictured right at Lake Titicaca) has an extensive knowledge of this fascinating country, which he sees as his ‘spiritual home’. His deep found respect and admiration is shared by his small team of staff, and working together.

What makes Peruvian Secrets diffrent to other holiday companies?

Peruvian Secrets specialise in bespoke travel to the lesser known north of Peru and Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina and Brazil. Southern Peru is home to some of the most famous sights in South America, making it a very popular destination for the discerning traveller, however we pride ourselves in offering a wide range of activities and destinations across the whole of Peru, from the customary South to the relatively undiscovered North, as well as extensions to Bolivia, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands 

Our Ethos

In an age where international travel is no longer the realm of just a privileged few, perhaps now it is more important than ever to take be aware of the impact that tourism can have. South America is opening up as a long-haul destination with Peru at the forefront and as such, it is easy to forget that Peru is still a developing country. For this reason, we believe that as an independent UK tour operator it is our responsibility to operate under a strict moral code.

Lima Office

Through our Peru local Lima office, we directly employ local guides and use local service providers wherever necessary providing fair employment and subsequently putting money back into the local economy. This policy of direct employment also gives us the advantage of more control, freedom and flexibility during each stage of your tour. Our accommodations of choice are small, locally owned guesthouses and hotels offering clean and comfortable rooms with the emphasis on customer service and location. We respect Peru’s regulations and laws whilst being sensitive to local customs and importantly, the natural environment – it is a wonderful country, we want to keep it that way.